June 3, 2011

Summer Vacation is Here!!!

I love, love, looooove summer vacation!

But what does a teacher do on his or her vacation?

Housework of course!!

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My plan is to clean my house room by room this summer. As a teacher so many things get pushed aside during the school year, especially when you throw life in on the weekends! So, this is what I have accomplished so far this very first week of vacation:

-cleaned out my closet and dresser of old/unworn clothes
-kids' dressers cleaned out
-master bathroom decluttered, reorganized, and scrubbed
-kitchen counters cleaned and organized

So what's next? My craft room!! This ought to be interesting right?

I'm also wanting to do the kids' toys, clean their rooms thoroughly, rearrange the living room (maybe), and maybe even clean out the master bedroom.

Now, don't worry though. It's not all work and no play! I'm been enjoying playing with my adorable children and spending time with my amazing husband. It's definitely a fantastic way to start a summer vacation!!
I hope that everyone else is having an awesome summer so far too!

Have a blessed day,

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