February 18, 2011

Spring-y Cuteness

I'm spending my Friday night watching tv with my hubby. Did you see his amazing coment on my last post? So sweet! I came home to all of the laundry and dishes done. He's too wonderful for words!

But, since I'm tired from working, I'm spending some time surfing the net for some perfectly spring-y inspiration. Look at these adorable finds:

Right-As-Rain Hat
This is over at Anthropologie... I need a cute bucket hat like this! Has anyone seen any tutorials around?

Sweet Treat Headband
Cute headbands galore. I really like the one above!

A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e, nuf' said!

So, I hope everyone else is kicking off their weekend as relaxing. What typeof cute spring clothes are you craving?

Have a blessed day,

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