February 16, 2011

Any Longaberger fans out there?

Years ago my mom decided to start selling Longaberger baskets to make some extra money like my aunt in FL does. In reality, she ended up buying herself, my sister-in-law, my nanny (her mom), and me all a set of the large and medium boardwalk baskets.

I love being able to trade out the liners to match my outfit! I love the fact that they are durable and adorable. But, you can't find the liners for these anymore. I have a couple of patterns to make my own....not that I have though.

But, during my Easter search the other day, I found this great tutorial to make a great Spring themed liner.

Isn't it cute? You can find it over at A Comfy Little Place of My Own. (direct link to project here)
Isn't it adorable? Who wouldn't want their purse to look like this:

I definitely need an adorable purse liner for my boardwalk purse!

So, are you a Longaberger fan? Do you have 1 favorite or are you a hoarder?
I have a few select baskets. But my mom and aunt are both hoarders...my aunt way more than my mom. But I would love, love, love to have a whole bunch more!

Have a blessed day,

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