January 23, 2011

Sensation Sunday: Lolly

One of the very first blogs that I discovered, as I was lying in my hospital bed, was Lolly. Some of you might already know her. If you don't, let me introduce her. This is Lolly:

My Photo

She has amazing projects like these:



That used to be a cheese box, can you even tell? Amazing!

The list could go on and on about her amazing skills. But I think it's a way better idea if you were to go over to her site and check it out for yourself... especially since she's having a giveaway that ends soon! Now, when you see her site, you have to know that there is another reason I love this crazy crafter- she is in serious LOVE with teal! Next to a combination of yellow and gray, my favorite colors are teal, turquoise,and green. The majority of her projects are teal, as is her page!

Let me know what you think of Ms. Lolly and don't forget to show her some love while you're there!

Have a blessed day,

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