January 17, 2011

Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to the winner of my very first giveaway! Who's the lucky person?

Brooke Anna at Mommy Does...

Please send me your information at penniesforluck @ gmail .com

If anyone is interested in sponsoring a giveaway let me know. Hopefully our next one will be even bigger and better! I'll have to figure out how to use the random number generator that others use. This giveaway's number was determined by the number of the day on Sesame Street :) Gotta love being a mommy of a toddler!

Have a blessed day,


  1. I'm not sure if I ever contacted you... I'm SO Sorry! I had your link buried away deep in my bookmarks :(
    I know it's really late now, I've been gearing up for starting my first semester back on-campus for this Fall. Sorry If I never contacted you!

  2. No problem! Just post with your e-mail address. I'll contact you about getting your mailing address and send the pins out to you :)