December 20, 2010

Yay for holidays!

As a teacher, I truly appreciate the holidays all the more since I get huge vacations! I am especially excited about this Christmas vacation since I will be getting to spend time with my two lovely children. 
Thanksgiving break just wasn't enough for me! That one week vacation was just a teaser. 
This time I get two full weeks and today is just the first day! Yay!

We started off this past weekend by celebrating my little girl's first birthday! She was too stinkin' cute for words!
She was really excited about her presents. Each time we opened one she would squeal a little bit!
I love this one simply because she looks like a ballerina as my Nanny holds her. Little bit's party theme was a ladybug party so this dress was perfect for it!
Even her cake had ladybug's on it! 
Too bad she didn't get any farther into the cake than this! She really didn't want to get into it so I had to "help" a bit. Even then all she would do was suck her thumb so very little actually got into her mouth. 

Now I get to relax and do my last few Christmas errands... like wrapping :( We have to return only one present from little girl's party... well, technically we're returning the one that we had bought already.
What are ya'll working on this week? I have several projects in mind that I hope to be sharing!

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