December 3, 2010

A Taste of the South

My mom told me about this lady on Facebook today. 
She's from Alabama (or Alllabaime the way my mom imitated it ;) )
But she has this great cookbook called the Southern Plate

You can check out her site here. But I thought I'd share some of the yummy things I found with a quick look around her delicious site!

I found this delicious and easily diversified Holly Jollies. 

Reasons to like them?
#1- They take about 10 minutes to make
#2- The dirty only 1 bowl and 1 spoon
#3- You can tailor them to anyone's tastes
#4- They look like turtles...okay that's just me but man they look good!

You can find her recipe and tutorial here.

This is her go-to for teachers during the holiday season. I think I might be making these for some of the teachers around school in addition to some of the other goodies I have planned!

By the way, speaking of the holidays, how do ya'll get everything done?!?! This is our first year with 2 kids to shop for, one of the who is old enough that they can't go anymore, and we are busy almost every single day! It's crazy!! I'm just not sure when or how we are going to get everything done. With the exception of our Elf (Mr. Prescott) and my advent calendar, we don't have any Christmas decorations up at all!
**deep breathes**

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  1. oh my holy moly these look so delicious. I'm totally checking out the recipe, thanks for the link. I might just have to bring these to my holiday party next week!
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