July 6, 2010

Gift Exchange Part 1

I'm so very excited to be able to show you the gift that I received in the gift exchange from

I had a wonderful, wonderful person who was my Secret Santa! I have to say that she is a very crafty lady!

Check out her blog over at

She loves to crochet, just look at the fantastic gifts that I received :)

 Look at that b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l teal scarf!
 If only Lolly could see it :)

  Adorable plushies and bracelet!

 She even sent my little man a present! I believe that these wonderful Mater buttons will find their way into his busy book for Christmas!

She even sent more goodies tucked away in her box!
She did such a great job at spoiling me that I felt about this big for not doing the same for my recipient!

Plus, you gotta love a wonderful, talented woman who uses Vista Print! Yay!
As a teacher, it's one of my favorite places to make professional looking resources!

I'm still waiting to hear from my recipient if she had her present delivered or not. Once I hear (or on Friday, whichever comes first) I'll be posting what I made for her :)



  1. Cadiedid,
    Oh my gosh!! Merry Christmas to YOU! And your little man! Your gifter was so thoughtful. that scarf is just beautiful! thanks linking up and sharing these lovely gifts.
    Merry Christmas in July!

  2. I'm nosing over from the Christmas in July gift exchange. You got spoiled, you lucky girl! What beautiful gifts.

  3. Thank you Linda! I really loved doing this exchange and can't wait to stepping up a level for next year's exchange!

    Hallie, you're right. I really did get spoiled. I truly can't pick a favorite item that was sent to me. I love them all!