April 20, 2010

Tutorial coming soon...

I know I promised a tutorial in the next day or two....
I have the pictures!
My skirt is sitting next to me right now and all it needs is to have the elastic put in and close the casing....
Well, that and pictures of that process....
What happened you ask?
Well, I got a text from my husband this afternoon that says something like "Call me ASAP!!"
sooooo..... Long story short?
We spent 3-9 this afternoon/evening at the E.R. because his mom is sooooo sick!
She has a bunch of stuff going on but the bottom line is that her blood pressure is way down.
So, here are prayers for her! The tutorial is coming but for now it's on a back burner.
Hang in there with me and I'll have it up soon!

Hugz to ya'll!

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