December 2, 2009

What a month it has been! I am officially on bed rest after spending over a week in the hospital with preterm labor. But at least I've had a lot of time to find some really amazing blogs and projects to try. Now, I'm going to try to post and make it look just as pretty as all the other wonderful blogs out there that I have seen!

One of my favorite new blogs to follow is Craftaholics Anonymous. She is absolutely amazing!! Look at some of these fabulous projects that she has!

I love this "baby-proof" bracelet! I know when my son was born his fingers would wind up in all of my jewelry. Now us mommies can be fashionable AND baby-proofed!

I love this easy, easy tutorial on how to cover your books using scrapbook paper. I will definitely be trying this very soon!

How cute is this advent? She repurposed a tray that she found at a thrift store as well as reusing old baby food jars. What is that old saying... "waste not, want not". Does it count if I want that advent?

There are so very many great blogs that I have found. I will be posting more soon!

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